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Completed project : The february 08, 2018

Customer :

Original cocktails created by renowned mixologists, Quebec distilleries from all over the province, cider houses and berry alcohol producers, a few microbreweries and food trucks. All in the cachet of a winter wonderland setting embellished with shows, DJ’s, a play area and heated terraces… Go out and get warmed up!

This is what the organizing committee of the Caribü Festival had in mind when they approached us to be their audiovisual supplier. We were mandated to create a unique and unifying scenic space. So we designed a 24’ by 32’ stage with 3 containers on each side that made a 24 foot high wall that held a crowd of 5000 guests. In additions we created balconies on the second floor of the containers. The main stage had to be seen from afar, so we filled it to its maximum. On this event, over three days of festival activities we welcomed renowned artists such as: Valaire, Alaclair Ensemble, La Bronze, DJ Tizi and many others. On the site more than 180 LED lights were installed to create a warm and lively atmosphere for the festival goers.

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