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Completed project : The february 11, 2021

Creation of a virtual platform and film set

Customer :

We were hired to create a virtual platform for the annual event of the Association of Strawberry and Raspberry Producers of Quebec. The organization gave great importance to the visibility of its partners and we were able to meet their needs, among other things, by programming modules for exhibition stands and visibility on the interface of the platform that we delivered for them.  It was also necessary to create consulting tables by regions where the different users could discuss in round table form. We have created more than a dozen sessions, a conference space with integrated ads, a kiosk space, an interactive networking module, a survey and several chat modules positioned at strategic locations.

In addition, we delivered a film set with custom décor in their brand colors as well as a control room securing the internet connection offering quality video streaming with our cameras and microphones and an experienced team following the health guidelines of the pandemic.

Some highlights:

- 2days of event

- 289 unique participants during the event (virtually)

- 12 sessions and a streaming main stage

- 16 speakers

- 8 exhibition booths

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