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Completed project : The february 03, 2018

2nd edition Dynasty Gala

Customer :
2nd edition Dynasty Gala:

The main mission is simple: Promote black excellence in Quebec! Celebrated as a part of Black History month and to launch festivities for this celebration, the Dynasty Gala aims to reward and honour personalities from black communities who revolve around the arts, media, culture and whose work or accomplishments deserve recognition.

For its second edition, the prestigious Dynasty Gala has had an updated modern feel. A complete revision of the content and location was carried out by the production team in order to increase the popularity of the Dynasty contest. It was a great success.

It was essential for the team to make their stage installation more imposing and grander given the scale of the establishment hosting the event. La Tohu, city of the circus, represents a major challenge by its size. The Dynasty Gala team called on Boreal Technique to carry out the mandate or such large ambition. The project consisted in creating a dynamic scenic environment, worthy of a major international gala and above all, be ready for television broadcasting.

In collaboration with Angelo Cadet, a well-known director, our team designed a concept on paper with a 3D plan then delivered a scenic environment of exceptional quality. Some 28 technicians worked directly or indirectly on the project. Boreal Technique has succeeded in creating the desired impact by combining cutting-edge technologies such as high-performance robotic lighting, giant LED screens, “line Array” sound coverage for 2000 spectators and much more!

The 3rd edition is well on the way and will take place in 2019 and include many new features.

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