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Completed project : The january 09, 2020

Customer : The Canadian Association of pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI)

The Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and interns (CASI) each year organizes at a different location the PWD congress. In 2020, the event, which brings together no less than 1200 delegates from all over the world, was held at the Sheraton Montreal Center on René-Levesque Boulevard.

We conceptualized and provided all audiovisual needs for the large event space, a cocktail area, a gathering place in the foyer and 5 separate breakout rooms. All in all, it was approximately 60 hours of pre-production with our project managers, 90 hours of assembly/dismantling and 176 hours of operation in 5 days. This major event included conferences, gala evenings, a celebration, and more than thirty training workshops.  A demanding challenge that our team successfully delivered!

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