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Completed project : The june 23, 2018

Customer : City of Saint-Bruno

The Saint-Jean-Baptist is the most unifying symbol of the year in our province. For us, it’s more than a month of conceptualization, preparations and an intensive week of delivering contracts.

The city of Saint-Bruno has hired Boreal Technique for three years now. They have gotten used to our expertise in stage events and have renewed their contract with us every year. In 2018 Saint-Jean-Baptist day celebration took place under the musical atmosphere of Nicholas Pellerin and Frères à Cheval. Some 8,000 spectators showed up for what is, to them, the city’s big annual gathering.  We had installed a large square shaped structure on which we installed several robotic lights. Behind the artist we had 4 LED screens and projected thematic content to create a unique visual atmosphere.

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