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Completed project : The november 06, 2018

Customer :

Computer Druid, the company behind Antidote review software, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The Quebec company has revolutionized the world of writing by offering one of the most effective software’s in text correction. To celebrate this great occasion, the company has decided to celebrate in style at L’Arsenal Montreal. Behind this major celebration was Caviar 227’s high calibre logistics team, which brought the organization of the event to a successful conclusion.

An imposing audiovisual puzzle was installed and orchestrated by the Boreal Technique team. A creative and inspiring space of more than 15,000 square feet has been set up to welcome guests by invitation. Our programmers and technicians start with the development of eye-catching design 3D rendering software which, once approved, is produced by a highly competent team. Motorized projectors, dynamic lighting, giant LED screens and high-performance sound system are all part of the setup.

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