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Completed project : The november 10, 2021

Programming and operation of a branded virtual platform

Customer :

We had the chance to collaborate with Québec En Réseau for their annual gathering which took place on a virtual platform. For this special edition, the client wanted to create a virtual universe branded with their colors for his participants, so Boreal Techniques expertise was put to use using the Hopin virtual platform tool. We set up the platform with a landing page (micro-site) for registrations, as well as a complete event interface.


Some of the modules/functions found on the platform were:

  • Broadcast studio with the possibility of subtitling, file sharing, “green screen”, logo added to the broadcast, choice of screen layout and much more
  • Landing page completely personalized to meet the desires of the client with a tailormade registration module
  • Interface of the event with the halls: Reception (description and schedule), main stage, sponsor’s exhibition booths (possibility to present live from their booth), communication modules (chats, surveys, Q&A, video sessions private conferences between participants);
  • Full recording of live segments
  • Statistics module after event


The numbers of the event:

  • Platform programming time of 32 hours
  • Full recording of 4 hours 15 minutes
  • 190 participants join the event
  • Participants gave an overall 86% to the platform
  • The client’s main partner exhibit booth was visited by 147 guests
  • From those visits the partner obtained 37 interactions towards its website
  • The event generated a total of 214 messages in public chat modules and 407 in private chats between participants.

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