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Completed project : The december 15, 2017

Audiovisual experiences beyond expectations

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Description of the project:

Boreal Technique was mandated by a major Montreal experiential marketing firm to orchestrate the entire technical component of the massive Bonduelle Group’s 10th Anniversary in North America. Several major event suppliers worked together to make this event a reality.

More than 1,500 employees from near and far met up at this colorful event during which the one and only Christophe Bonduelle came to deliver a speech in a thunderous atmosphere. The event took place in a 21,000 square foot environment. There were two huge cultivation related machines that were set up for the occasion.  A vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, moving machines, complete sound coverage and dressing rooms we required for this celebration.

Finally, more than 80 robotic lights were used, a sound blanket of some 65,000 watts was installed and an electrifying performance was done on the famous machines with our lighting team creating extraordinary visual effects.

Used equipment
  • Lighting design with 3D plan
  • 10.5fooy high by 16foot-wide LED screen
  • 80 robotic lights (moving lights) used on the ceiling
  • 40 loudspeakers and amplified subwoofers including 24 “Line Array” type, creating a sound coverage of 65,000 watts dispersed equally everywhere
  • Complete electrical distribution for the location
  • Fifteen technicians worked directly or indirectly on this project

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