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Congresses, conferences of all sizes and symposiums

Conventions, colloquiums, symposiums and major conferences are a unique opportunity to create memorable moments that educate, inspire and connect you with your audience. These events require large-scale work combining meticulousness and creativity. You have high expectations of your service provider and the result they deliver.

Our team understands these elements and treats your file with great importance. Doing business with boreal Technique as an audiovisual service provider means making sure you have the necessary recommendations to respect your brand and image, have an available and courteous project manager, professional and highly functional equipment, a logistics team that understand your project, a specialized and competent technical team that knows the majority of establishments in Quebec and Ontario and one of the best quality/price ratios in Eastern Canada.

Each associative event is different in terms of guidelines, size, programming and location. Our team develop your project and takes into account the smallest details to deliver audiovisual installations the meet your expectations without fail. In addition, we take the time to provide recommendations to enhance the experience of your guest as needed.

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