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Virtual events

Now more than ever, gatherings are happening more and more virtually. To move in this direction, Boreal Technique offers virtual solutions to planners to hold dynamic events, while keeping people connected at a distance. Don’t slow down your activities because of events beyond your control, adapt to them.

Thanks to our hybrid packages, you will have the perfect combination of physical event and virtual event. Our packages, which can be adapted to your challenges, consist of setting up a film set behind closed doors at the location of your choice, on which we film and broadcast the speaker live from our platform. Not only are our film sets visually interesting, they encourage listening and engage conversations.

We have all the equipment you need to make your project possible (HD/4K handheld and tripod cameras, video mixer, switcher, HD/4K recorder, video screens, high performance computers, stage et and more ) In addition, our team, specialized in corporate audiovisual events, will give you a professional helping hand and take care of all the technical logistics of your projects. Do business with an experienced team so you can take care of what really matters.

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