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The march 03, 2020

Blog post: New product in stock


Boreal Technique is proud to include the most advanced wireless microphone technology on the market in its arsenal of rental products. When you need it the most Anxient will never let you down. On the biggest stages when hundreds or even thousands of people are watching, the wireless microphone has a huge job to do. The audio should be clear, glitch-free, and should give you maximum flexibility. No other system is up to challenge like Shure’s Axient.


How does it work?


The complex configurations, the high number of frequency channels or the redundancy options make Shure Axient an extremely complete microphone. Designed to maximize stability, quality, control and scalability, this next gen-technology is perfectly applicable to high profile concerts, conferences and systematic speaking engagements. Next-generation frequency encryption doubles the signal between the receiver and the microphone, allowing you to always have a backup connection between the two rather than jerky signal dropouts like other lower-range microphones. This receiver is in a league of its own. It can pick up sound clearly from over 500 feet away! The batteries have an autonomy of 12 hours, are made of lithium and are rechargeable from the base of the receiver.


Push your events into a more technological future today.

Stefan Maltais

Directeur logistique et technique

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