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Anniversaries & launches

The launch of a product is the work of several and above all the result of a heavy workload. The revelation of this product, or this brand, during an event must reflect the immensity of the work accomplished. The audiovisual equipment we have is a very powerful communication tool for your target audience.

Our team can not only help you create the perfect moment to connect your audience to your brand and product, we can also elevate that significant moment. Often by impressive and tailor-made technological installations, other times by effects that create big impacts. We do not begin this process on the day of your event, we start it at the same time as you so that each facet, each detail is perfectly thought through and arranged in order to achieve the desired impact with your audience. Allow us also to prepare the ground for the media who will be on site during this fantastic event. We are equipped with a “press box” to offer audio content but also real time video content of the event.

Whether it’s a small or big launch, we have the tools you need to achieve your specific goals. Whether it is to display your brand image or create a unique launch environment, we can help you create the greatest possible impact with your audience and convey a measurable emotion in relation to your brand. Our team offers nothing less than an all-inclusive, solution oriented, professional experience.  

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