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Build relationships in a relaxed environment

Festive events

Bringing your resources together in a social context is very beneficial for building employee/employer relationships and for creating a sense of belonging to your company. Your employees need to let loose, relax and in a context of a labor shortage, it is essential to meet their expectations. Offer them social activities such as a Christmas party in a relaxed environment, or a cocktail evening to solidify the relationships between your employees.

Whatever the circumstances we can help you make these events magical for your employees by creating powerful atmospheres. They give you their best, demonstrate the importance they have in your organization by making this event an unforgettable moment. We will help you get there with our many audiovisual solutions, while respecting your budget restrictions. Whether you are working with a small or big budget our solutions adapt to your projects. It will also be our pleasure to manage your artists (musicians, DJs) if there are any. Thanks to our versatile equipment and our dedicated team you won’t need to worry about the preparations. We take care of everything and we are here to advise you.

Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we rest the success of your event in the hands of our qualified internal project managers who make sure to put together a complete production file for our field team. That gives them specific guidelines to deliver your mandate adequately and according to your specifications. All this allows you to take advantage of the present moment and forge links with your employees, because after all these events are meant for exactly that!

They trust us

We have gained our experience in corporate events by delivering mandates for major organisations such as : Ericsson Canada, Ikea Canada LTD, Eemental AI, Facebook New York, Bonduelle Americas, Antidote Software, Druide Software, Nexelis, Quadra Chemicals, Luxury Retreats International ULC (an air BNB company), Goodfood Market, New Balance and much more!

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