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Boreal Technique has significant expertise in the design, assembly and operation of large-scale outdoor stage installations. We have in-depth knowledge of the various existing stage structures, allowing us to push the limit of the possible and offer you concepts that are out of the ordinary. Our project managers are able to coordinate several logistic aspects such as sound testing, installations schedules and scheduling various service providers. Their expertise is at your disposal throughout the project set-up to avoid minor and major missteps. Our teams deliver several hundred scenic mandates each year for municipalities throughout Quebec and Ontario in events such as: St-Jean Baptise, Canada day, Municipal summer festivals, winter festivals and much more!

Our “Line Array” systems allow us to calibrate the sound on any desired space and by the same token cut out precise sound zones to the demands of our customers. Our versatile robotic lights allow us to texturize your scene and site to create an electrifying ambiance. We can also arrange LED screens to create huge monitors on either side of the stage to broadcast your event live or create a décor of LED screens with video in the background of your artists.

In addition to offering you everything you need technologically, we have mobile stages in inventory that can accommodate all your needs. Our service offerings combine to create very affordable and easy-to-manage all inclusive solutions. Not only de we always meet the budgets of our clients, but our proposals have one specific goal: enhance the experience of your spectators by creating personalized atmospheres.

Trust a proven team that will win over your audience!

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