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Cinemas & drive ins with LED screens

Innovate to better meet your expectations and those of your citizens. This is what we have done as part of our service offer for outdoor cinema performances for municipalities all across Quebec.

Are your citizens tired of waiting for the sun to go down to start the projection of the movie? The solution lies in the technology of modular LED screens. In a society where digital mediums are becoming more and more important; LED screens have become popular because of their optimal brightness at any time of the day and because they can display multimedia content. Our system in question consists of assembling a large quantity of LED panels, creating a single large screen. The screens can therefore be any size you want.  

Boreal Technique offers an extremely advantageous promotion each year for all-inclusive packages with different size screens ranging from 5’x8’ up to 16’x9’. Follow the example of our many happy customers and opt for a reliable product at all times. All our packages are all inclusive : freestanding LED screens, sound system, BluRay DVD player, technician, transportation and installation.

Screen formats available : (5’x8’), (6’x10’), (8’x14’), (9’x16’), (14’x22’), (16’x26’), (custom size)


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