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Looking for a stimulating activity to put on the calendar? Meet Illumination. An avant-garde light path of which you design and we make happen in your forests or in your parks for the enjoyment of your citizens.  

Indeed Illumination is an initiative that was set up by Boreal Technique, born of a growing demand for light paths in Quebec and Ontario. The idea is to group together zones of your choice from among more than twenty zones that our teams has meticulously designed to create a course that reflects your image (a brochure is available to pick and choose your course). Each zone is 10’x40’ in size with different lights, sounds and video effects. Young and old will be amazed by this unique connection with YOUR nature.

The facilities are available in summer ($) and winter ($$). The prices of the different zones vary in order to accommodate all types of budgets. Our areas come with silent generators and all the equipment needed to run your illumination course making us completely self-sufficient.

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