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Benefits and Galas

To be successful in organizing a fundraising event or a charity gala, you must apply an element that is both essential and difficult to master. We are talking about an essential asset in order to properly highlight a major financial accomplishment, or even underline the involvement of your biggest players. We are of course talking here about the prestige that arises from this event which must reflect and recognise the importance, the magnitude of what has been accomplished by your organization.

The winning recipe to create such prestige around an event like this is to set up a strong brand image and mix it with quality atmosphere and unique concepts. Your donors are all present and they must experience strong emotions. Offer them an atmosphere and a visual scene worthy of their contribution! Get it right with our state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and our ultra-creative teams who know how to get it right. We create concepts for our customers to exalt and not to appease. To amplify the enthusiasm and not just to satisfy the participants. To not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Thanks to our very efficient logistics teams at Boreal Technique, you will not only have conceptual proposals enhancing your events and logistical advice but you will also have complete support throughout the setting up of your event with an assigned project manager available at all times to help you. They will be happy to put together a complete logistics file for our field teams according to your parameters so that everything goes perfect on the day of your event. It is our quality control that allows us to deliver more than 5000 mandates each year and we guarantee a smooth event that exceed your expectations.  

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