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Specialized in the rental of audiovisual equipment and the deployment of technical teams. Our team has distinguished itself over the years by offering the best customer experience at the best price guaranteed.


Here at Boreal, we treat every file with a meticulous eye. We don’t believe a half-baked concept will ever meet up to our standards. Beyond offering a visually stimulating event, it’s our duty to strategically work and plan every one of our mandates. For this, we have created a strategic process used to plan, create and deliver each mandate.

Our teams work in unison on a digital platform to manage and follow the progression from the beginning to the end. The structure of our process forces us to be proactive when it comes to gathering information, creating plans and creating our production files. Thanks to this, nothing is left unplanned. When delivery time comes around, these productions file a given to our site team of technicians. Our teams are highly qualified and passionate technicians who are devoted to the success of your project. Our teams deliver hundreds of successful mandates every year.


In a society where technology takes a huge space, it’s important to always be up to date on the new tendencies. Doing so will help keep the public interested. Believe us, we know what we are talking about when it’s time to bring a touch of renewal to your project. We help our clients create an impact by developing innovative concepts to match your reality. To illustrate these concepts, we create 3D renderings of our ideas. 

To help you create stunning environments, we constantly invest significant capital into our inventory in order to stay up to date with the newest technologies. This allows us to offer limitless possibilities and improve your events. We work directly with some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry to offer top-of-the-line equipment. Our equipment meets all the new environmental standards, thanks to new technology, our energy consumption has significantly decreased.