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Exceptional sound that adapts to any application, thanks to the most advanced technologies on the market.

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Our equipment

High-end wireless microphones, wireless Catchbox technology, wired microphones and microphone stands of all kinds, digital and analog sound consoles, Line Array sound system, pre-amplified sound systems (PA), loudspeakers stage (monitors), RF communication systems, DJ tables, audio recording systems, press boxes (media sow), and much more.

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Our Manufacturers

Our equipment comes from recognized manufacturers such as:

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Our audio solutions

In addition to providing, you with our state-of-the-art technologies from industry-recognized manufacturers for your audiovisual needs, our highly qualified sound solutions team can provide you with all inclusive services for:

Audio/video recording of your event, recording studio, auditory calibration of your venue/room, spectral analysis of negative frequencies, digital signal processing, translation booths with auditory receivers, media distribution for press conferences, equipment and DJ’s, installation of instruments for artists during concerts and much more!

A special event is nothing without the voice, the sound, the resonance. It is what creates the atmosphere, the dynamics of your project. In order to offer incredible memories, Boreal Technique provides it customers with high-performance technologies and a team specialized in audio amongst the best in the industry. Working in symbiosis with these two aspects, we can guarantee optimal audio quality and thus take care of every little detail.  

New technologies allow us to be very versatile and they are adaptable according to your specific needs. You will find a complete inventory of high-end products to ensure a superior sound experience for both your artist and your audience. It is made possible nowadays to solve many problems that there has been in the past. For example the “Line Array” sound systems which allow us to calibrate the sound everywhere on your site or in your room. As well wireless microphones with redundant frequencies we can avoid sounds losses or high frequency disturbances better known as “audio feedback”.

Our specialized teams always have the optimal solutions to make your event an auditory success from beginning to end. We have designed our audio equipment fleet so that it is simple to install and that it is hybrid to be able to adjust to your requests. Our technicians are trained to adapt to your event needs, even last minute ones.