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Create strong emotions through lighting designs that reflect your greatest ambitions.

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Our equipment

Direct.ly in inventory:

Lighting consoles, moving lights of all kinds, LED lights (indoor and outdoor), LED tracking lights, strobes, pixelated LED bars, LED blinders, pixelated LED tubes, Leko LED, gobos, Sparkulars (fireworks), fog, smoke and geyser generators and more.


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Our Manufacturers

Our equipment comes from recognized manufacturers such as:

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Our lighting solutions

In addition to providing, you with our state-of-the-art technologies from industry-recognized manufacturers for your audiovisual needs, our highly qualified sound solutions team can provide you with all inclusive services for:

Development of lighting concepts, design of 3D plans, design of light paths, installations in heights, special effects, signal processing (wired and wireless), fixture addressing, test and control, installation of redundancy systems, operation of follow spots, custom gobo creation, and more.    

Delivering events that stand out is part of what made us successful. It is with this in mind that we have assembled our large inventory of state-of-the-art lighting equipment. The possibilities at Boreal Technique are limitless! Live the luminous experience at its best thanks to our technologies and our specialized team.

We are proud to be the only company in Eastern Canada to provide lights that are completely LED. Having become the new standard in our market, this technology allows us not only to reduce our energy consumption, but also to be much more precise when it comes to select colors, positions and effects. These are durable technologies that will offer great versatility. You will find among our vast inventory: robotic lighting better known as “moving lights”, fixed lighting (LED fixtures, Lekos), Gobos, and other machines and technology to generate effects to make your event a feast for the eyes.

Our ultra-creative teams will help you create concepts according to the parameters of your ideas all the while respecting your budget. We always aim to enhance your event by thinking outside the box and delivering unique and out-of-the-ordinary instillations. We are versatile and adapt to your environment to create impactful results. You can rely on our experts to create emotional and defining moments for your guests.