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Electrify your most important moments in complete safety with systems recognized and certified by our industry.

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Our equipment

Directly in inventory:

120/208v Electrical Distro, 600v Electrical transformers, 4/0 Camlok Cables (Assorted sizes), 19pin Socapex cables ( assorted sizes), 19 pin Socapex Octopus @ 6x uground 20 Amp, 50Amp stove outlet panels & extensions, electrical extensions (assorted sizes), junction boxes, power strips, rental of small silent generators, “yellow jacket” grommet mats, and more.

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Our Manufacturers

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Our energy solutions

In addition to providing you with safe and certified equipment of the highest standard, our highly qualified energy solutions team can provide you with all inclusive services for:

Electrical distribution of kiosks with certified GFI sockets, electrical distribution of event sites, installation of electrical transformers, installation of grommet mats, instillation of small silent generators, management of generators of all kinds, expert consultation, development of electrical plans and more.

Without electricity, your craziest projects are only ideas and dreams. Although new technological equipment consumes much less than it did before, it is important to know your electrical possibilities before starting to develop a concept. The electrical capacities of your venue will largely define the possibilities in terms of installations.

We have the experts to properly guide you through this complex matter of electricity, as well as the equipment to achieve your goals. We are constantly on the lookout for changing electrical standards in our field and we apply them in real time to comply with these requirements. Our equipment is uncompromisingly CSA and UL certified, which ensure top quality and compliance to ensure your safety. Our ultra-compact and discreet solutions will not only allow us to meet your needs, but also keep the loss of space to a minimum.   

We provide plans for electrical installations, electrical transformation equipment to create independent circuits according to your needs as well as create mat paths to ensure peoples safety while sending the electrical source with the right voltage at the desired location and much more.