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Bring your communities together in a dynamic environment, while respecting social distancing



Now more than ever, the era of gatherings is virtual. To move in this direction, Boreal Technique offers virtual solutions to planners to hold dynamic events, while keeping people connected at a distance. Don’t slow down your activities because of circumstances beyond your control; adapt to them.

Thanks to our hybrid packages, you will have the perfect combination of a physical event paired with a virtual event.  Our packages which can be adapted to your challenges, consist of setting up film sets behind closed doors at the location of your choice, from whre we will film and broadcast the speakers live on our virtual platform. Not only are our film sets visually interesting, they encourage listening and engage conversation.



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Adaptable interface

The platform on which we work with our customers allows us to create tailor-made interfaces in their colors and to adapt to the functionalities according to their needs. We program virtual environments very similar to physical events in terms of rooms and programming, which allows a simple and natural transition to the virtual. Your participants will navigate through an intuitive and dynamic interface, which will increase their interest.

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Advanced functions

Hopin.to allows interrogators like Boreal Technique to integrate a host of advanced features such as:

Payment module, completely modifiable reception interface with sponsors and downloadable agenda, voting module (poll), chat module, exhibition booths, partner visibility, video call between participants, networking application, room-by-room programming, language selection and more.

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Film sets

We have developed film sets with the aim of putting your important speakers in a visually interesting environment, to energize your live content. Several camera angles are provided, which ensures a more interesting transition. Our sets are not mandatory, but they are strongly recommended to organizations wishing to increase the attention and attendance of participants.

Ask us about our 3D film set plans today!


We program environments adapted to your colors through our virtual platform which offers hundreds of possibilities and modules to meet your challenges. Our landing pages makes events look very professional with the complete addition of your organizations branding. As for the interior of the platform, we can program adaptive modules such as: home page with description, chat/survey/Q&A modules, stage tab, workshops tab, kiosks tab, technical support and much more.

You will also be impressed by the fluidity of our “streaming” software which offers you subtitling functionalities, speaker layout options, smooth transitions and many more! Our technical teams are always present to ensure quality broadcasting.

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