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Display on giant LED screens

Do you have sponsors to promote? Or are you simply looking for an impressive way to display quality visuals during your festival? Don’t look any further!

Our giant display solutions consist of setting up large LED screens to display the content of your choice. LED screens have become a real revolution around the world for digital signage because they are easy to install and offer optimal brightness at any time of the day. They can be used for both video and photo content, you will look great with this high-end product.

As each screen consists of several panels, it makes its possible for us to adapt the size of the screen and even make custom shapes to make your installations an original. Our set ups require very little electricity or management and can be installed on just about any surface. Our screens are classified IP65, allowing you impermeability to bad weather.

Screen formats available for all inclusive packages : (5’x8’), (6’x10’), (8’x14’), (9’x16’), (custom).

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