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Generate additional income without an exclusive contract

Accelerate Program™

Meet Accelerate. A program launched by Boreal Technique in 2016 with the aim of efficiently generating additional income for your rental spaces. You do not need to manage anything; we take care of everything and we don’t even ask you for exclusivity on your services!

Your clients have significant needs for audio visual equipment rentals and technological services during their events and most will be delighted to have the option of booking their services directly onsite. Accelerate not only allows you to offer these services to your customers, but it also allows you to obtain discount on our services of up to 25% when customers are referred to us. No minimum order is required to be part of the Accelerate program. Simple and paid referencing without any management.

Your clients will have access to state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, 24/7 technical support, project managers who can advise them and provide them with 3D plans on request and most importantly a competent and dedicated technical team. Whether it is for a convention, conference, reception, gala or anything else Boreal Technique provides more than half a thousand small, medium and large-scale mandates annually specifically for its Accelerate clients.

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