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Technology at the heart of learning

Business meetings

The delivery and operation of technology for business meetings is at the heart of our specializations. Our team attaches great importance to professionalism in these demanding meetings, which have the essential purpose of conveying important information to a targeted audience.

The key elements to achieve your communication objectives to your audience are directly related to the quality of audio-visual tools your use. Poor quality facilities can greatly affect the results of your events. This can even sometimes lead to a loss of credibility with your customers, which greatly reduces their interest in returning to your establishment. Here we have very high-quality equipment from distributors recognized by our community, and also innovative equipment such as launchable wireless microphones to engage your customers interaction with their audience. Our highly competent project management team advises your clients on ideas that can enhance their experience, as well as a courteous field teams who know how to adapt to the unexpected and who specialize in business meetings. Our project managers create comprehensive, tailor-made logistics packages for our technicians who subsequently deliver projects beyond expectations.  

We have developed links with several hotel chains and reception halls over the years, with programs that are simple to set up, very effective and adapt to the challenges of this market. Whether through active PDF order forms, custom design creations, we have the infrastructure in place to handle your establishments ongoing demands. Learn about our Accelerate Program today to monetize your customers’ audiovisual demands!

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