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An all-inclusive “one stop shop” to make this event a grand and memorable evening

Concerts and festive evenings

As far as the technical logistics surrounding concerts and festive evenings are concerned, Boreal Technique makes it its speciality. Each of these events has its own atmosphere that requires special attention. We place great emphasis on enhancing the audiovisual facilities and the quality of them, to ensure an experience beyond expectations.

The technical challenges at these events are vast. For example, the quality of the sound installation must be perfect in order to avoid the heaviness of the acoustic sound of the instruments, or that the guests at the front of the stage are not invaded by too powerful of a sound. There are several ways to work on these aspects to have a sound that uniform in the space without being too noisy. In terms of lighting and video installations, our team makes tailor-made proposals according to the theme and parameters of its clients. Our equipment is adaptable for freestanding and ceiling-mounted structures. We have something for all budgets, and we adapt to the realities of our customers.

Our highly competent field team can adapt and deliver any audio-visual concept. A logistics manager is always onsite to ensure the customer satisfaction before, during and after the event. We can also advise you on musical artists and DJ’s thanks to all the partnerships we have set up over the years. We are an all-inclusive “one stop shop” to make this event a grand and memorable evening.  

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