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TechnoGO program™

Are you constantly looking for new revenue streams at trade shows? Well stop your searching, you are in the right place! Boreal Technique’s TechnoGO program was launched with the goal of generating additional revenue for non-management organizations. The goal is to monetize the technological needs of your exhibitors in their booths with the help of a pleasing discount and no minimum order required.

Did you know that 20% of your exhibitors use external rental for technological equipment for their booth (TVs, computers, lighting, etc.)? Each of them will spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on equipment rentals at your show. These are important avenues of income that you are missing out on!

The TexchnoGO program not only allows you to generate revenue to meet these needs but also offer services to your exhibitors, without any extra management for your organisation. Our team has thought of everything! From electronic order taking through payment, to installation and technical support at all times. An electronic catalogue of more than 25 products/services (televisions, computers, lighting, sounds, etc.) is given to you so that you can distribute this useful information to your exhibitors. They then order equipment they need for their kiosk using an electronic order form. No minimum purchase is required to participate in the TechnoGO program and it can be implemented in any establishment in Eastern Canada.

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